Licensure Assistance Program

The PEO Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) is a program that links Engineering Interns (Interns) with Professional Engineers (Guides) licensed with PEO to provide the interns with guidance and support as they progress towards professional licensure status. PEO believes that this program will equip new engineers with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities and for success in their chosen profession.

PEO launched this program in 2010 and Scarborough Chapter is one of the chapters that agreed to participate in Phase 3 of the program. The LAP program is expected to run from August 28, 2019 to February 28, 2020.

More information is available at PEO Website.

For those interested in participation in the Licensure Assistance Program in 2019, please check emails from PEO Scarborough Chapter regarding the upcoming registration.

Contact Email:  scarborough@peo.on.ca

LAP October 5th Session Photos

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