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We are pleased to hold our 3rd Annual Seismic Resistance Structure Contest (SRSC), as part of the National Engineering Month (NEM) Event in 2019.

This contest is for Grade 7 and 8 students from Scarborough Schools who will build building structures with wood sticks (do not use bamboo sticks)  prior to the event (at home/school). The structures are evaluated by judges and are tested b shake table at the day of the event.

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Important Information

* Registration Link: Closed

* Deadline for registration: Mar. 26, 2018

* Date of competition: Mar. 30, 2019

* Venue: Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough

* Registration Fee: $5/Person (a team can consist of 2 or 3 persons)

* Please email your concerns or questions to our event coordinator: bridge@peoscarborough.ca




1. Competitors will build a structure using ONLY:

a. Wood stick (less than 5x5 mm thickness) -Do not use bamboo sticks
b. White school glue
c. Foam board (less than 7mm thick) – not to be used as wall covering
d. Construction paper

2. The structure is evaluated by the following measures:

a. Quantitative
 i. The structure is shaken on the shake table for structural performance.

1. Stage I: Test table will be shaking at 3 stages of speed; each will last 10s. The total time of structure staying intact during the shake will be recorded: AA (in second)
2. Stage II: A wooden block will be placed on the top of structure. Test table will be shaking for a certain speed and total time of structure staying intact will be recorded as AAA (in second)

ii. Height of the structure: BB 
iii. Weight of the structure: CC  

Total score based on quantitative is:

(AA + AAA) ( (total time from Stage-1 and 2) x BB / CC

b. Qualitative
Each structure’s qualities are evaluated by judges based on the following attributes:

1. Construction technology
2. Construction quality
3. Technical presentation and description of the structure design and construction
4. Aesthetics
5. Creativity


Eligibility, and Prizes

1.Each team must have at east 2 students or up to a maximum of 3 students. To encourage teamwork, one student teams are not permitted.

2. Each participating team member must be a full time student attending a school located only in the Scarborough area.

3. Prizes, in total value over $500, in 2 categories.

4. Structural Performance Score and Judges' Score will be evaluated independently.

5. The prizes for first, second, and third place will be awarded to each category (Building Performance, Judges' Score). Prize values given below are per student of the winning team:

Prize Performance Judge's Score
1st $40/Contestant/Team $40/Contestant/Team
2nd $30/Contestant/Team $30/Contestant/Team
3rd $20/Contestant/Team $20/Contestant/Team


6. All participants will be given a certificate of participation.


1.Registration will be on a first come first served basis.

2. Student’s teacher or parent/guardian must provide the address of the school of each studentor residency address which is within Scarborough area (Proof of residency shall be provided on the event day.

3. If you have any difficulty in filling the form, please contact the coordinator at: bridge@peoscarborough.ca  prior to filling the on-line form.

4. There is no limit on number of teams from each school, however, each teacher can complete up to 10 teams.

5. Download Parental Consent Form and bring it on the day of event.

6. The registration fee is $5.00 per person. Fee can be paid in Cash or Cheques on the event day. If paid by cash then please bring exact $5.00, as change may not be available. Cheques are to be made payable to PEO Scarborough Chapter.

7. On date of event please bring the completed and signed Parental Consent form and the Registration Fee to the Scarborough Civic Centre.

8. School teacher shall register the students in his/her class. If a school does not participate, parents or guardians of interested (eligible) students may register directly.


1. This contest will be conducted in English only.

2. A panel of adjudicators will resolve all disputes. Their decisions are final and binding.

3. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are welcome to attend the event and cheer the participants. The competition will be held in the Council Chambers. The guests will be able to witness the whole event and see the students in action.

4. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are required not to assist or interfere with the contestants.

5. Space is limited for the audience up to 350. Entry is on a first come first served basis.

6. Food and drinks are not permitted inside the auditorium.

7. A student without proper registration will not be permitted to participate in the competition.

8. Building specification and Rules must be followed in making the building.

9. Bring some spare sticks, white glue, and construction paper for any last minute modifications, repairs to the building of used glue to assist in judging process 

10. Every effort must be taken to keep the premises and the surrounding environment litter free. All broken pieces must be stored in garbage bins.

Please visit Rules page for rules and guidelines for the competition.

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