Licence Presentation Ceremony (LPC)  - Spring 2019

Group Picture of Certificate Recipients


Bottom Row L>R : Alex Wong, P.Eng.; Aminul Hague, P.Eng.; Ara Chanoian, P.Eng.; Bing Kai Zhu, P.Eng.; Caton Basil Lai, P.Eng.; Colin Leung, P.Eng.; Edwin Au, P.Eng.; Hammad Hafiz, P.Eng.; Jaymeen Panwala, P.Eng.; Jennifer Spence, P.Eng.; Kathryn Riihimaki, P.Eng.; Lavatheepan Veerasingam, P.Eng.

Middle Row L>R: Lin Lou, P.Eng.; Marc Porter, P.Eng.; Md Hossain, P.Eng.; Md Islam, P.Eng.; Mehrdad Nazariha, P.Eng.; Oseronamen Oriaifo, P.Eng.; Paul Van Tu, P.Eng.; Prev Ram, P.Eng.; Qiang Guo, P.Eng.; Rajendra Gadhvi, P.Eng.; Sheng-Kheng Li; P.Eng.; Sarah Hossain, P.Eng.

Top Row L>R: Sheikh Rehman, P.Eng.; Shubhangi Attarde, P.Eng.; Sujeepan Kalanadan, P.Eng.; Surayya Vohra, P.Eng.;  Syed Haider, P.Eng.; Syed Riaz, P.Eng.; Tanvir Qureshi, P.Eng.; Thanasiri Muttulingam, P.Eng.; Vinay Jose Maliakkal, P.Eng.; Waseem Ejaz, P.Eng.; Yuan Gan, P.Eng.; Koshanth Anandarajah, P.Eng.; Nabil Al Bayati, P.Eng.; Md Shahin, P.Eng. 

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The Spring LPC for the newly licensed Engineers is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2019, at 5:00 pm. Certificate Recipients, who accepted our invitation are cordially invited to attend this event at which time they will be presented with a framed Certificate.

Reservations must be made by May 25, 2019. In the event you are unable to attend this ceremony, please contact us at  immediately. Then, your certificate will be returned to the PEO where it will be mailed unframed to you.

Event Information

Time and Date 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
June 8, 2019 (Saturday)
Place The Brighton Convention & Event Centre                            
2155 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto, ON M1V 5P1

Tel: (416) 299-0077,



Tentative Agenda

Event Time
Registration and Networking 5:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests 6:00 PM
Chair’s Message 6:10 PM
Dinner 6:30 PM
Keynote Speaker 7:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message 7:50 PM
Certificate Presentation 8:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers 9:00 PM
Closing remarks 9:05 PM
Licensees Photograph 9:15 PM
Meet your colleagues & Scarborough Chapter Board 9:30 PM

2019 Spring Certificate  Recipients

# Name
01 Alex Wai Kit Wong
02 Aminul Mohammed Hague
03 Ara Chanoian
04 Bing Kai Zhu
05 Brent Luke Yee Ching
06 Caton Basil Lai
07 Colin Leung
08 David Timothy Frederick Dowdell
09 David Hall Frederick Charles Hall
10 Dennis Varghese Chellakudam
11 Edwin Zi-Hong Au
12 Emmanuel Christian Miranda
13 Eric Chin Hang Poon
14 Faizan Parvez Akhtar
15 Fazila Nisarahmed Patel
16 Galateia Logotheti
17 Ji Yuan Cai
18 Gulfam-E Jannat
19 Hammad Tanveer Hafiz
20 Jaymeen Ashokkumar Panwala
21 Jennifer Lynn Spence
22 Jonathan Joel Baker
23 Kathryn Susan Riihimaki
24 Koshanth Sayan Anandarajah
25 Lavatheepan Veerasingam
26 Lin Lou
27 Marc Jerome Porter
28 Md Azimul Islam
29 Md Shakhawat Hossain
30 Md Rafiul Haque Shahin
31 Md Shehadul Islam
32 Mehrdad Nazariha
33 Mohamed Sahban Ali
34 Nabil Al-Bayati
35 Oseronamen Dawn Oriaifo
36 Paul Van Tu
37 Preet Sabharwal
38 Prev Ravanth Mohan Ram
39 Qiang Guo
40 Rajendra Shivprasad Gadhvi
41 Sheng-Kheng Ryan Li
42 Sahar Arabi
43 Sarah Hossain
44 Seyed Mohammad Rajaai
45 Sheikh Inam Ur Rehman
46 Shaikh Hossain Faruk
47 Shubhangi Attarde
48 Sujeepan Kalanadan
49 Sukhmani Kaur Bola
50 Surayya Vohra
51 Syed Faizan Haider
52 Syed Hasan Riaz
53 Tanvir Shams Qureshi
54 Thanasiri Muttulingam
55 Victor Sakwe Eboa
56 Vinay Jose Maliakkai
57 Waseem Ejaz
58 Yuan Gan

Keynote Speaker

TOPIC: Engineering for a sustainable world
SPEAKER: Marisa Sterling, P.Eng., FEC

Marisa Sterling is a distinCJguished engineer and academic administrator. She has over 20 years of experience working and volunteering in the engineering field, in both the private and public sectors. Marisa is currently the President - Elect of PEO and the Assisstant Dean and Director, Diversity, Inclusion and Profesionalism at the University of Toronto. Sterling previously worked in the consumer products industry in R&D and brand management, and for PEO as manager of enforcement and lead of the repeal of the industrial exception. Her extensive strategic and operational stewardship has positively impacted students and engineers.

Through the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education, a charity where she serves as president, she is helping develop student knowledge and skills. Sterling has also advanced EIT leadership development by helping create PEO’s G. Gordon M. Sterling Engineering Intern Award, named after her late father, who was also a PEO president. With the advancements of technology, she has been championing the Engineering Change Lab to find ways to transform the engineering community to better serve the people of Ontario.

A chemical engineer from the University of Toronto and a member of the Oxford Business Alumni Network, Sterling received the University of Toronto’s Arbor Award in 2015, the Engineers Canada Meritorious Service Award for Community Service in 2016, named a Woman of Distinction by the Canadian National Exhibition Association in 2016, made a fellow of Engineers Canada in 2017 and received the Canada 150 Heritage Pin in 2018. In her spare time, she enjoys being a Warden of Camp 1 and annually obligating students and graduates who have the academic qualifications for the P.Eng. licence.

SYNOPSIS: Did you know that tracking likes on Instagram is adversely hurting youth's mental health? That personal data is being transmitted from your smart home to third parties? And that the artificial intelligence in our border services machines are biased to our cultural identity? PEO President-Elect Marisa Sterling will expand on these observations and discuss what PEO and engineers can do to ensure that our future technologies are beneficial for all.