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Balsawood Glider Contest (BGC)

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PEO Scarborough Chapter would like to announce the second annual Balsawood Glider Contest (BGC) to Grade 7 & 8 students who are studying in Scarborough Area Schools; During the event the students will learn about basic wing design, Bernoulli’s principle, principle of air flow and aerodynamics; The theoretical lessons will follow a practical exercise where the students will learn to apply the theory by building and flying a glider. 

Students will be using ‘remote answering devices’ called as clickers to answer multiple choice questions and enjoy an open learning environment through.

"When children are fully engaged in their play, their activity and learning is integrated across developmental domains. They seek out challenges that can be accomplished through play, children learn trust, empathy and social skills.” .  (Charles E. Pascal, Every Child. pp. 8.9)

Email us at  scarborough@peo.on.ca for any clarification.

Important Information

*  Eligibility: First preference will be given to students from Gr. 7 and 8 in Scarborough, Ontario area (Attending to a Scarborough school).

* Deadline for registration: Monday, September 24, 2018

* Date of competition: Saturday, September 29, 2018, 1:00pm to 4:00pm

* Visit the PEOSC website often for the latest information, including model questions and confirmation of your registration.

* Registration: Link

* Please email your questions to our event coordinator: scarborough@peo.on.ca

VENUE: Ellesmere Community Centre, Hall E & W, 20 Canadian Rd, Scarborough, ON, M1R 4B4



Objectives BCG

- To create a passion in the application of engineering principles such as Bernoulli’s principal, principle of air flow and aerodynamics.
 - To create an interest in active thinking and problem solving.
 - To provide hands-on experience in building a glider that can fly.
- To see who can build the longest gliding paper plane, the most stable Balsa Wood Glider and much more..



Competition Level

Students enrolled in grade 7 or 8


Eligibility, Testing standard and Prizes

1. First preference will be given to Scarborough, Ontario area students (Attending to a Scarborough school).

2. Questions are designed to reflect the mathematical and theoretical items that will be reviewed during the morning training session in Balsawood Glider.  

3. Questions will relate to the application of mathematics in engineering and aerodynamics.

4. First three teams will be awarded, $100, $50, and $20 per team;

5. Every participant will be given a Certificate of Participation and a Surprise Give-away at the end of the contest;

6. Parents are also invited for this event;

7. There are only 30 Contestant Seats available for this year.




1. Registration will be on first come first served basis.

2. About 30 students will be registered. Additional applicants will be wait-listed.

3. There is no limit on number of students from each school, however a teacher can register up to 10 students.

4. Download Parental Consent Form and bring it on the day of event.

5. On date of event bring the completed and signed Parental Consent form to the the Ellesmere Community Centre, Hall  E & W, 20 Canadian Rd, Scarborough, ON, M1R 4B4

6. School teacher shall register the students in his/her class up to 10 students. If a school does not participate, parents or guardians of interested students may register directly.

7. Follow the Link for registration.


Competition Format

1. There will be three separate competitions for the students. Students may be put in teams of 2 at the beginning of the event. Students/Teams will be randomly assigned. Teams can be a minimum of 1 student in case there is an odd number of registered students.

2. Latecomers will not be allowed to join.

3. The first competition is 20 multiple choice questions in aerodynamics, each student will be asked questions based on the morning learning sessions. Each participant will be provided with a numbered wireless Clicker for this section.

4. Questions will be projected on a large screen.

5. The wireless Clicker will be used by the student to enter their answers.

6. A computer will record all responses and compile the marks.

7. Students are allowed to bring and use aids like calculators, paper, pens, and books.

8. The second competition is also an individual event called “Plane-Dart”, where each student will assemble and fly a Balsawood glider and learn how to adjust the gliders wings, elevators or rudders to win an obstacle.

9. Students will be given points based on how well their glider can fly through the obstacle and how many points the glider can obtain during its flight

10. The third competition consists of the participant flying a Styrofoam glider down a path using air lift, and also building their own paper plane to achieve the longest flight at a maximum ceiling...

11. For the third competition for the Styrofoam and paper planes, points will be given for glide path down the runway, angle of attack at initial take off and distance covered within the runway.

12. Cell phones or any device capable of telecommunication are not permitted



1. Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers or unanswered questions.

2. There will be 20 points for the first competition, then individual points for challenges completed for competition 2 and 3.



1. This contest will be conducted in English only.

2. A panel of adjudicators will resolve all disputes. Their decisions are final and binding. In case of a tie, the tied teams will go through a modified version of Competitions #2 Plane-Dart.

3. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are welcome to attend the event and cheer the participants. The competition will be held in a hall. The guests will be able to witness the whole event and see the participants in action.

4. Teachers, parents, guardians and their guests are required not to assist or interfere with the participants.

5. Space is limited for the audience. Entry is on a first come first served basis.

6. Food and drinks are permitted inside the Hall, Pizza will be served to all participants for lunch.

7. A student without proper registration will not be permitted to participate in the competition.


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