Updated on 17/3/2017

SRSC Specifications and Rules

  1.  Materials

The seismic resistance structure must be constructed only of wooden sticks and glue. Foam board and construction paper are only used for the slab.

a. Wood stick (less than 5x5 mm in thickness). Colored sticks are acceptable. Do not use bamboo sticks

b. White school glue

c. Foam board (less than 7 mm thick)

d. Construction paper

 2. Restriction of dimensions The overall sizes of bottom of structure are not more than 300 mm x 300 mm. The size of top of the structure must be between 100 mm x 100 mm and 300 mm x 300 mm 

3. Weight Restriction The total weight of structure must not exceed 200 grams.

 4. Minimum height The structure must be more than 700 mm high.  

5. Construction method The structure can be constructed with single sticks. 2 or more sticks glue together is not permitted. Attach a label to the structure, indicating the name of structure and names of team members.

6. Judge’s criteria Each structure is judged based on the following attributes:

a. Construction technology

b. Construction quality

c. Technical presentation and description of the structure design and construction

d. Aesthetics

e. Creativity  

A sample SRSC Structure is shown below:


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