SRSC - Parent Consent

The volunteers of Scarborough Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEOSC) have organized the SRSCCompetition for the benefit of school children in our community. A parent or legal guardian who wants their child to participate in this competition must complete and sign this form. The completed form with the registration fee must be received by the Scarborough Chapter on or before the competition.

The PEOSC and its representatives will take all reasonable steps to provide an environment in which everyone’s safety is of prime importance. PEOSC volunteers have arranged the competition, but PEOSC cannot take direct care and control of your child. We encourage you to be present at the competition so that both of you will share and enjoy your child’s successes and achievements.

Personal information collected will be used to conduct this competition and recognize participants and winners. Names and photographs and articles written on this event will be posted on PEOSC’s website and will be used to promote this and future events e.g. solicit individuals and companies for financial sponsorship and/or prizes. Parent/Guardian's permission is requested for any photographs, videos or other recordings made before, during or after this event of my child to be used as described above.

 Chair - Scarborough Chapter – PEO

Download the form, fill the form and bring it to the registration desk on day of event

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