Licence Presentation Ceremony (LPC)  - Spring 2017


Group Picture of Certificate Recipients


Bottom Row L>R : Amit Srivastava, P.Eng.; Anisha Patel, P.Eng.; Arunan Sivakumaran, P.Eng.; Bogoja Trajceski, P.Eng.; David Ernest Gordon MacKay, P.Eng.; Duminda Indrajith Bandara Randeniya, P.Eng.; Eliza Yordanova Lepoeva, P.Eng.; Hanna Yacoub, P.Eng.; Harshvardhan Pratap Singh, P.Eng.; Hassan Kamal Ha Salama, P.Eng.; Hiba Magzoub Ab Taha, P.Eng.

Middle Row L>R: Hoorik Yeghiazarian, P.Eng.; Indrajit Kumar Basak, P.Eng.; Jack Chan, P.Eng.; James Peter Christidis, P.Eng.; Javeed Ahmed Khan, P.Eng.; Jawad Haroon Khan, P.Eng.; Keny Marianayagam Allan, P.Eng.; Ketul Patel, P.Eng.; Kimberley Louise Rose, P.Eng.; Lipika Saha, P.Eng.; Md Anwar Hossai Bhuiya; P.Eng.; Monirul Islam, P.Eng.; Naveed Ur-Rehman Ali, P.Eng.

Top Row L>R: Nayani Singh, P.Eng.; Nishanthan Gunabalasingam, P.Eng.; Ramy Atef Zikri Saad, P.Eng.; Spencer Victor George Segula, P.Eng.;  Sunny Attarde, P.Eng.; Sutapa Roy, P.Eng.; Swapon Kumar Biswas, P.Eng.; Torsten Meyer, P.Eng.; Wakif I Khan, P.Eng.; Yasheng Maimaitijiang, P.Eng.; Jia Bin Ding, P.Eng.


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The Spring LPC for the newly licensed Engineers is scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2017, at 5:30 pm. Certificate Recipients, who accepted our invitation are cordially invited to attend this event at which time they will be presented with a framed Certificate.

Reservations must be made by April 28, 2017. In the event you are unable to attend this ceremony, please contact us at cpc@peoscarborough.ca  immediately. Then, your certificate will be returned to the PEO where it will be mailed unframed to you.

Event Information

Time and Date 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
May 12, 2017 (Friday)
Place The Brighton Convention & Event Centre                            
2155 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto, ON M1V 5P1

Tel: (416) 299-0077,
URL: http://brightonevents.ca/ 
Registration TBD


Tentative Agenda

Event Time
Registration and Networking 5:30 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests 7:00 PM
Chair’s Message 7:10 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech 8:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message 8:50 PM
Certificate Presentation 9:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers 9:40 PM
Closing remarks 9:45 PM
Licensees Photograph 10:00 PM
Meet your colleagues & Scarborough Chapter Board 10:10 PM

2017 Spring Certificate  Recipients

# Name
01 Amit Srivastava
02 Anis Yusufbhai Patel
03 Anisha Patel
04 Arunan Sivakumaran
05 Bogoja Trajceski
06 David Ernest Gordon MacKay
07 Duminda Indrajith Bandara Randeniya
08 Eliza Yordanova Lepoeva
09 Eric Chin Hang Poon
10 Hanna Yacoub
11 Harshvardhan Pratap Singh
12 Hassan Kamal Ha Salama
13 Hiba Magzoub Ab Taha
14 Hoorik Yeghiazarian
15 Indrajit Kumar Basak
16 Jack Chan
17 James Peter Christidis
18 Javeed Ahmed Khan
19 Jawad Haroon Khan
20 Jia Bin Ding
21 Ketul Patel
22 Kimberley Louise Rose
23 Lipika Saha
24 M Wasay
25 Md Anwar Hossai Bhuiya
26 Melody Joan Brown
27 Michael Tatsuya Hoshino
28 Monirul Islam
29 Naveed Ur-Rehman Ali
30 Nayani Singh
31 Nishanthan Gunabalasingam
32 Ramy Atef Zikri Saad
33 Sarah Farheen Ahmed
34 Spencer Victor George Segula
35 Sunny Attarde
36 Sutapa Roy
37 Swapon Kumar Biswas
38 Theodore Lyberogiannis
39 Torsten Meyer
40 Wakif I Khan
41 Yasheng Maimaitijiang
42 Zubin Girishkumar Panchal

Keynote Speech

TOPIC: Blue Sky, White Clouds and Polar Bears
SPEAKER: Charles Q. Jia, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Charles Jia is a professor in Department ofCJ Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto.  In 1996, he established the Green Technologies Laboratory at the University of Toronto, after obtaining his PhD degree from McMaster University in 1994.   Before coming to Canada in 1988, he has taught at Chongqing University in China for four years.   Today, his lab has trained over 60 PhD, Masters and postdoctoral fellows, published over 80 papers in top international journals such as Environmental Science and Technology and Carbon, edited four books, and developed several patented technologies

Dr. Jia has served in various leadership roles within the professional community, including as Chair of the Environment Section of Canadian Metallurgical Society (MetSoc), Chair of international symposia in the Conference of Metallurgists and in the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering (CSChE) Conference. Currently, he serves as the conference Chair of the 29th Inter-American Congress of Chemical Engineering, incorporating the 68th CSChE conference to be held in Toronto in 2018.

SYNOPSIS: Atmospheric aerosols are small solid or liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere. Like green house gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide, atmospheric aerosols absorb, reflect light (photons).  The interactions between aerosols and photons affect the global energy balance and therefore the climate.  In his talk – “Blue Sky, White Clouds and Polar Bears”, he will elucidate the importance of atmospheric aerosols in influencing the climate – the findings of his students co-supervised by his collaborator in Environment Canada.