Certificate Presentation Ceremony (CPC)  - Spring 2015

Group Picture of Certificate Recipients

Seated (L>R): Kam Ming Man, P.Eng.; Kevin David Jayawardene, P.Eng.; Lionel Udupila Liyanage, P.Eng.; Lucanu Benvindo Mateus, P.Eng.; Lutful Kabir Mazumder, P.Eng.; Malvin Man-Fung Luk, P.Eng.; Mathumitha Kamalakaran, P.Eng.; Md Mosharraf Hossain, P.Eng.; Md Saifur Rahman, P.Eng.; Mohamed Abd El Defrawy, P.Eng.; Mohamed Reza Ali, P.Eng.; Murali Krishnamoorthy, P.Eng.

Standing lower row (L>R): Adem Osmani, P.Eng.; Anwarul Alam, P.Eng.; Arturo Luis Lau, P.Eng.; Ashutosh Bhardwaj, P.Eng.; Bassem Botros S Nasr, P.Eng.; Carmen Ka-Mun Yung, P.Eng.; Cumbysis Cyrus Tampal, P.Eng.; Daniel Hayek, P.Eng.; Ekalak Elijah Sae Yang, P.Eng.; Elias Papadopoulos, P.Eng.; Fayez Motasim Billah Khan, P.Eng.; Francis-Olivier Joncas, P.Eng.; Habibur Rahman, P.Eng.; Hameed J Muhamad, P.Eng.; Jafar Hasan, P.Eng.; James Alexander Mc Cardle, P.Eng.

Standing upper row (L>R):Osama A Y Abdalilah, P.Eng.; Pui Shan Cecilia Pang, P.Eng.; Rajendra Prashad Rampersaud, P.Eng.; Rizwanul Huda, P.Eng.; Selvavinayagam Arudchelvan, P.Eng.; Seyon Kandasamy, P.Eng.; Sonia Guadalupe Segura, P.Eng.; Sunaina Menezes, P.Eng.; Syed Moshin Rizvi, P.Eng.; Tiago Maciel Do Couto, P.Eng.; Wei Wang, P.Eng.; Winson Yui-Fong Chan, P.Eng.; Xiao Hui Yu, P.Eng.; Xue Song Huang, P.Eng.; Yashar Esfandi, P.Eng.

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The Spring CPC for the newly licensed Engineers is scheduled for Friday, May 29, 2015, at 5:30 pm. Certificate Recipients are cordially invited to attend this event at which time they will be presented with a framed Certificate.

Reservations must be made by May 16, 2015. In the event you are unable to attend this ceremony, please contact us at cpc@peoscarborough.ca  immediately. Then, your certificate will be returned to the PEO where it will be mailed unframed to you.

Event Information

Time and Date 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
May 29, 2015 (Friday)
Place Scarborough Convention Centre,
20 Torham Place Toronto,
ON,  M1X 0B3 

Registration TBD


Tentative Agenda

Event Time
Registration and Networking 5:30 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests 7:00 PM
Chair’s Message 7:10 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech 8:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message 8:50 PM
Certificate Presentation 9:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers 9:40 PM
Closing remarks 9:45 PM
Licensees Photograph 10:00 PM
Meet your colleagues & Scarborough Chapter Board 10:10 PM

2015 Spring Certificate  Recipients
01 Adem Osmani
02 Andrea Chor-Ying Lau
03 Anwarul Alam
04 Arturo Luis Lau
05 Ashutosh Bhardwaj
06 Bassem Botros S Nasr
07 Carmen Ka-Mun Yung
08 Cumbysis Cyrus Tampal
09 Daniel Hayek
10 Ekalak Elijah Sae Yang
11 Elias Papadopoulos
12 Fayez Motasim Billah Khan
13 Francis-Olivier Joncas
14 Habibur Rahman
15 Hameed J Muhamad
16 Jafar Hasan
17 James Alexander Mc Cardle
18 Jing Zhao
19 Kam Ming Man
20 Kevin David Jayawardene
21 Lionel Udupila Liyanage
22 Lucanu Benvindo Mateus
23 Lutful Kabir Mazumder
24 Malvin Man-Fung Luk
25 Mathumitha Kamalakaran
26 Md Mosharraf Hossain
27 Md Saifur Rahman
28 Mohamad Homsi
29 Mohamed Abd El Defrawy
30 Mohamed Reza Ali
31 Murali Krishnamoorthy
32 Osama A Y Abdalilah
33 Pui Shan Cecilia Pang
34 Rajendra Prashad Rampersaud
35 Rizwanul Huda
36 Selvavinayagam Arudchelvan
37 Seyon Kandasamy
38 Simon Wai Hang Leung
39 Sonia Guadalupe Segura
40 Sonjuhi Kumar
41 Sunaina Menezes
42 Syed Mohsin Rizvi
43 Tatiana Elga Chiesa
44 Tiago Maciel Do Couto
45 Wei Wang
46 Winson Yui-Fong Chan
47 Xiao Hui Yu
48 Xue Song Huang
49 Yashar Esfandi
50 Zeeshan Burhani

Keynote Speech

TOPIC: Canadian Wireless Spectrum and Professional Engineering
SPEAKER: Murad Hussain M. Eng., P, Eng.

Murad Hussain, is a Professional Engineer with over 14 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering field. Since joining Bell Canada in 2001, Murad has spent most of his carrier designing, constructing, managing and providing training on wireline and wireless communication networks across Canada.  

Murad has extensive experience in the design of various wireline and wireless projects, including but not limited to the Inukshuk Wireless project, a Bell Canada and Rogers Communications joint venture, created in 2005. His current role includes developing systems and structures with industry partners that will amalgamate all communication services, phone, internet, television and wireless mobile into one fiber optic construction projects and deliver the Bell Fibe network to customers across Ontario.

Murad received his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Western Ontario in Electrical Engineering and Masters Degree from Ryerson University. He is a long standing volunteer with PEO Scarborough Chapter occupying various positions in the Board and currently serving as the Vice Chair. 

SYNOPSIS: The presentation will review the basics of wireless communication, and then summarize the recent changes in the Federal Wireless spectrum Industry and associated Provincial/Municipal regulation that's driving the need for Professional Engineering Services in the communication sector in Ontario.