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Seminar Series

PEOSC is organizing a seminar as part of its goal to help members to achieve a better career through seminars.

TOPIC: The Impact of Charismatic Leader

PRESENTER: Charlie Regan, M.Eng., President, Leadership Charisma Group

WHERE: Bendale Public Library, 1515 Danforth Road, Toronto, ON, M1J 1H5 (McCowan Rd and Lawrence Ave.)

WHEN: 25 June 2013 Tuesday, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

REGISTRATION: Follow the link to register before June 23, 2013.


6:00 pm               Networking/Refreshments

6:30 pm               Introduction

6:40 pm               Presentation by Charlie Regan

7:40 pm               Question Period

7:55 pm               Vote of Thanks and Conclusion

About the Presenter

Charlie Regan is the President of Leadership Charisma Group helping companies build their leadership capacity and their leaders make a clear connection between specific behaviours and business results. Our approach creates charismatic relationships that motivates and inspires all employees to perform their best. Charlie can be reached at (416) 805-8120 or

Mr. Regan. has held senior leadership roles in a variety of industries in the areas of Operational Management, Call Centre Management, and Information Technology Management. He has a track record of consistently creating high-performing teams and achieving significant results Charlie is a Chartered Director (C. Dir.) from the Director’s College, and has served on a number of not-for-profit boards and committees. He holds a M. Eng. in Systems Engineering and a B.A. Sc. in Electrical Engineering.  

Synopsis of the Topic

Many leaders including project managers struggle to lead and motivate their staff to achieve the results demanded by their stakeholders. Consequently, every firm’s managers, supervisors and project managers must play a critical role in creating an engaging work environment, with greater urgency to achieve more with fewer resources, and despite their responsibilities increasing.

Engineers and managers actually need to hone their leadership charisma skills. By doing so, they will create a positive, energetic, focused work environment that is motivating, touching and inspiring to their staff - bringing out the best in everyone, and achieving more.

Research and observation tells us certain leaders, in both the private and public sectors, achieve consistently outstanding results. However, up until now, little was known about the leadership behaviours that made these people what is termed ‘charismatic’ and, therefore, successful. The word charisma has been used to describe such varied degrees of personal management behaviours it now has lost its true meaning. Consequently, it is difficult to understand the behaviours that influence other people’s perception of your leadership charisma and ultimately your success.

The presentation, The Impact of the Charismatic Leader, will outline the meaning of Leadership Charisma and its relationship to you in improving your staff’s engagement, while also discussing the resulting impact on your organization. Leadership Charisma is not an inherited trait; it can be learned. Since charisma is defined by an individual’s perception of a leader, we also cover six critical leadership behaviours that strongly shape these perceptions.

Thorough a detailed case study, you will learn of the unique relationship between these leadership behaviours. Our case study manager discovered how his core competencies and characteristics impacted his group’s engagement. The manager undertook key steps to transforming his actions and impacted the work environment so staff are more engaged, motivated, and inspired to work at their best performance. The case study demonstrates that with the right information, you too can create a leadership action plan to transform your working environment.

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