Certificate Presentation Ceremony (CPC)  - Spring 2013

Rear Row L>R : Bashir Bhana, P.Eng.; David Immanuel Alexander, P.Eng.; Frankie Chiu Kei Man, P.Eng.; Hashem Mohammed Abul, P.Eng.; Hrand Yeghiazarian, P.Eng.; Jack Moskalski, P.Eng.; Chi Hung Siu, P.Eng.; Wei Chung Jason Wong. P.Eng.; Ketan Prabhudas Miyani, P.Eng.; Kulothungan Jeganathan, P.Eng.; Michael-Anthony Clarke Tedesco, P.Eng.;  Mie Takahashi, P.Eng.

Front Row L>R: Muktimoy Paul, P.Eng.; Nedim Oren, P.Eng.; Norman Nuo Hua Tao, P.Eng.; Raqueeb Anwar, P.Eng.; Rene Antonio Siguenza, P.Eng.; Ru Min Lu, P.Eng.; Saieed Ahmed, P.Eng.; Sanjay Rameshku Ailani, P.Eng.; Xia Wang, P.Eng.; Ulet Satrio Roessaptono, P.Eng.; Yong Huang, P.Eng.; Md Zohurul Hoque, P.Eng.

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The Spring CPC for the newly licensed Engineers was held on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 6:00 pm, at Grand Baccus Banquet and Conference Centre, Scarborough.

 Certificate Recipients were presented with a framed Certificate.


Event Information

Time and Date 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
June 12, 2013 (Wednesday)
Place Grand Baccus Banquet & Conference Centre
2155 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, ON M1V 5P1   

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Registration cpc@peoscarborough.ca
Please register by June 1, 2013


Tentative Agenda

Event Time
Registration and Networking 5:30 PM
Welcome and Introduction of Chapter Guests 7:00 PM
Chair’s Message 7:10 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech 8:30 PM
Guest of Honour Message 8:50 PM
Certificate Presentation 9:00 PM
Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers 9:40 PM
Closing remarks 9:45 PM
Licensees Photograph 10:00 PM
Meet your colleagues & Scarborough Chapter Board 10:10 PM

2013 Spring Certificate  Recipients

# Name # Name
01 Amit Krishnakant Patel 20 Marko Grujic
02 Bashir Bhana 21 Michael-Anthony Clarke Tedesco
03 Juan Carlos Reyes 22 Mie Takahashi
04 Christian Gordon 23 Muktimoy Paul
05 Christopher Joseph Biczo 24 Nedim Oren
06 David Immanuel Alexander 25 Norman Nuo Hua Tao
07 Ehsan Emrani 26 Raqueeb Anwar
08 Frankie Chiu Kei Man 27 Rene Antonio Siguenza
09 Hashem Mohammed Abul 28 Ru Min Lu
10 Hrand Yeghiazarian 29 Romeo Ropi
11 Imtiaz Uddin Ahmed 30 Saieed Ahmed
12 Jack Moskalski 31 Sanjay Rameshku Ailani
13 Chi Hung Siu 32 Sanket Krishnavadan Shah
14 Wei Chung Jason Wong 33 Shashank Shivdas Pai
15 Chi-Ning Jennifer Nip 34 Xia Wang
16 John Atef Zekry Saad 35 Ulet Satrio Roessaptono
17 Ketan Prabhudas Miyani 36 Yong Huang
18 Kulothungan Jeganathan 37 Md Zohurul Hoque
19 Maqbool Hussain    


TOPIC: Engineering Innovation and Sustainability
SPEAKER: Abe Khademi, PMP, P. Eng.,
Senior Associate
The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd

About the Speaker: Abe is a senior associate with TMIG with a current focus on the master planning of infrastructure for both new and redeveloping communities. His foundation in water resources engineering has provided the basis for the effective exploration of low impact development approaches and, more generally, applied sustainability in the planning of communities and infrastructure. Abe’s project approach prioritizes technical excellence, communication, and collaboration as the means by which truly innovative and sustainable solutions can be achieved.